Advisor Highlight: Robert Collins

Advisor Highlight is part of the Bridge Mutual Highlight series, where we take a moment to recognize the individuals and institutions that are making decentralized insurance possible at Bridge Mutual. This piece will be featuring Robert Collins, an international insurance expert and member of our team.

Since we are fundamentally challenging the traditional insurance infrastructure, we need deep insight from top experts globally to achieve our goals. One of those experts is Robert Collins, an international insurance powerhouse serving as an advisor to the Bridge Mutual team. Robert has vast experience across the entire insurance spectrum, living and working in the United States, Asia, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Robert’s professional experience includes working for one of the leading global insurance brokerages and a UK insurer and strategy consultant. He actively consults with and advises some of the top insurtech brands and insurers in the United States and Asia.

Robert has a very strong interest in decentralized finance (defi), stemming from his extensive background in leveraging new technologies to create alternate forms of risk management and transfer. Robert is in a unique position with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Chinese insurance market, providing him with valuable insight into innovative and new business models in the field, specifically within mutual platforms.

We’re extremely grateful to have Robert on board as one of our advisors. When we asked him what initially interested him in Bridge Mutual, he responded, “What makes Bridge Mutual a very attractive project that is built for success is its diverse and talented international team. Building effective teams has a remarkable effect on a startup. I am confident that with its unique business model and a terrific team, Bridge Mutual will be successful”. We’re looking forward to our imminent platform launch and the value that Robert will continue to provide to the Bridge Mutual ecosystem moving forward. | A decentralized, discretionary coverage platform for Smart Contracts, Stablecoins, Exchanges and More.

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