Advisor Highlight: Dr. Wei “Frank” Cui

Advisor Highlight is part of the Bridge Mutual Highlight series, where we take a moment to recognize the individuals and institutions that are making decentralized finance possible at Bridge Mutual. Today, we are showing our appreciation for Dr. Wei “Frank” Cui, an influential expert who has been central in building the latest Blockchain technology in China.

At Bridge Mutual, we are not just making another decentralized insurance platform. We aim to provide both coverage and the opportunity to earn from providing coverage to everyone and anyone; this is reflected in our “No-KYC Required” model. With an inclusive product comes the requirement for the ability to build, attract, scale, and maintain. This is where we rely on the expertise of Dr. Wei “Frank” Cui.

Dr. Cui, a Tech Expert

Dr. Cui received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering at the reputable Tsinghua University in Beijing. Tsinghua University’s affinity for research and being a member of the elite C9 universities in China has allowed Dr. Cui to be well-positioned as an emerging expert upon receiving his doctoral degree.

Dr. Cui has spent more than 10 years at Schlumberger — an oilfield company — leading acquisition system design, development, and testing. This experience highlights Dr. Cui’s high ability to not only understand emerging technology, but also his expertise in detecting the future potential success of an emerging technology. This is when he saw the potential of blockchain technology and its application in insurance.

Dr. Cui, a FinTech and Blockchain Expert

During the emergence of blockchain technology, one of the earliest adoptions was aimed at fintech. Dr. Cui quickly emerged as the go-to expert and advisor for many companies and organizations involved in fintech and developed blockchain solutions for them. Dr. Cui’s knowledge has benefitted dozens of companies, projects, and even state run organizations, such as XinYuan Real Estate (NYSE-listed company), the Department of Agriculture in China, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, Fujian Provincial Metrology Institute, and Everbright Banks. We sincerely believe that Dr. Cui’s previous involvement in leading blockchain adoption in the fintech world and his ties with some key organizations and groups in China will help propel Bridge Mutual forward to become a major insurance provider for all things blockchain by 2021.

Moving Forward

As you may have noticed, Dr. Cui provides a unique opportunity for Bridge Mutual to enter a large, key market such as China with an expert with established connections in both the public and the private sector. We aim to leverage this chance to position Bridge Mutual as one of the most popular projects in China, along with other key markets. This will ensure a steady increase in both users and providers, along with projects and exchanges that may wish to partner with Bridge Mutual to keep their own users and investors safe and well-covered.

We believe this will serve the true mission of Bridge Mutual to the fullest extent.

Thank you for being a part of Bridge Mutual!

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