BIG NEWS: BSC, CEXs, development, audits, new hires, and more.

Dear Bridge Mutual Community,

We’ve been very hard at work behind the scenes on Bridge Mutual. Our team has mandatory video conferences literally every day, and has been meeting every day since early December in order to meet our deadlines and goals.

This announcement is important, and is the first announcement that we will blast to our email list of over 80,000 emails. So we’ll make this short, sweet, and full of good news.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

The team has been speaking with several divisions of Binance, including their Binance Smart Chain division. We’re working closely with the BSC team to launch Bridge on Binance Smart Chain as soon as possible.

This move was in a direct response to the community’s complaints about gas fees; also, Ethereum-based platforms are basically unable to function due to the current price of gas. We will have a BSC version of our platform available and ready to use at, or shortly after, our main product launch.

***The BMI BEP20 Token has not yet been generated, do not get scammed.

New Hires

Executive Assistant — hired.
Marketing Manager — hired.
Solidity Developers — 8 hired, 1 interviewing.
Data Scientists — interviewing [there are only a few thousand in the world that have the qualifications we’re looking for].
Chief Marketing Officer — interviewing.


Internally we are on schedule. In total we have 8 developers working on Bridge Mutual full-time. Our devs are split into two teams: the Core Development team (6 devs) led by our CTO Ian Arden; and the Quality Control team (2 devs, soon to be 3) led by one of our lead developers and quants, Kiril Ivanov.

The Quality Control team will operate independently from the Core Development team, and is responsible for auditing, challenging, and stress testing all of the code and systems created by our core development team. Security is a top priority for us, we fully understand that being hacked or attacked after launch could jeopardize the entire project.

Official 3rd Party Audits

The platform and code get officially submitted for audit on March 8th, 2021. We have already started the onboarding process so that we are ready to begin as soon as possible.

Bridge Mutual is working with 2 of the world’s leading smart contract auditing firms: Consensys Diligence and Zokyo.

Smart Contract Audits | ConsenSys Diligence

Consensys audits for top projects like Aave and 0x; see the full list of projects they’ve audited on their website.

Smart Contract Security (

Zokyo audits for top projects like Yearn.Finance (YFI) and Badger Dao; see the full list of projects they’ve audited on their website.

Centralized Exchange Listings

We have a listing agreement with a top-tier exchange signed and in effect, and are wrapping up negotiations with a few more top tier 2 exchanges as we speak. Details on these listings will be announced soon.

Listing on exchanges is a complicated process, and different projects strike different deals with exchanges. In many cases, projects and their token holders are impacted negatively, and only the exchange benefits.

Bridge Mutual did everything in its power to make sure that the listing terms were as favorable as possible for its token holders, and we are extremely proud to announce that we negotiated the best possible deal for our token holders and token economy.

Future Announcements

We have VERY big news coming up: a partnership that will make all previous announcements seem tiny in comparison (you’ll recognize it when you see it); more details on our highly anticipated liquidity mining event; many more integration partnerships that aim to dominate the space and make Bridge the go-to coverage platform in cryptocurrency; and the special unveiling of a sister project that is being co-developed alongside Bridge Mutual, which is going to permanently alter the risk coverage space.



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