Bridge Mutual Advisor Highlight: Lavenjer Yeung

Bridge Mutual
3 min readFeb 10, 2021

As a continuation of our Advisor Highlight series, we’d like to introduce you to Lavenjer Yeung, one of Bridge Mutual’s valued advisors and insider into the Chinese market. As a decentralized risk management platform, we offer coverage to networks and applications all over the world. With China competing as one of the top cryptocurrency focused markets, having insights and connections within the Chinese blockchain community is a massive advantage for the Bridge Mutual ecosystem moving forward. Without further ado, let’s get into Lavenjer’s uniquely qualified background.

Investment Insight and Relations is Just the Beginning

Lavenjer is an entrepreneur that wears many hats, with in-depth experience in blockchain based investing, investor relations, deal sourcing, business consulting, and project community growth. Lavenjer is an Investment Partner at SevenX Ventures, a Chinese based investment firm, where he is in charge of project screening and investments. As a seasoned veteran, Lavenjer continues to develop relationships with international funds, incubators, and accelerators, providing him insight into some of the highest potential up and coming blockchain projects.

Beyond his investment experience, Lavenjer also works as a blockchain business consultant. He offers services focused on token economics, go to market strategy, marketing, partnership development, and more, bringing many influential projects to market successfully. Lavenjer’s vast experience with early stage startups in blockchain has led him to become the co-founder and CEO of two other distributed ledger technology ventures, BitHelios and Chainers.

Lavenjer co-founded BitHelios with the idea of creating a community alliance in China, a goal he has accomplished. BitHelios provides consultation and execution services for blockchain projects preparing for their soft launch into China. He was also the CEO of Chainers from 2018–2019, a Chinese-Korean crypto incubator and accelerator. In this role, Lavenjer was in charge of company management, building a bridge for projects to better launch in the opposite country.

Considering Lavenjer’s deep insight into many different fields in the blockchain sector, specifically within the Chinese and Asian markets, he is a perfect addition as an advisor to Bridge Mutual. He brings unique and specialized insight that will propel Bridge Mutual and its native currency, BMI, deeper into the Chinese crypto-economy, a necessary feat for Bridge Mutual to reach its full potential across all countries and continents. We are excited to have Lavenjer onboard and look forward to the valuable additions he will continue contributing to us.

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