Bridge Mutual Partners with Plasma Pay and Plasma Finance

Solid partnerships are part of the backbone of continued industry growth and exposure, something we prioritize at Bridge Mutual. We are happy to announce that Bridge Mutual has reached a partnership agreement with Plasma Pay and Plasma Finance, allowing both projects to work in close collaboration. With this partnership, Plasma Finance users will be able to directly fund or provide liquidity to Bridge Mutual using the Plasma Finance platform and Bridge ecosystem. In return, Bridge Mutual has pledged to provide an additional layer of security to the Plasma Pay ecosystem. This results in an increased number of participants for Bridge Mutual’s decentralized insurance platform while providing further safety for the Plasma Pay and Plasma Finance users.

Decentralizing Insurance Further with Plasma Pay

“The main focus of our partnerships is to increase the overall safety of the DeFi space by encouraging users to protect each other. Partnering with Plasma Pay was strategic in that users will be able to easily purchase or provide insurance directly from the Plasma Finance app where they manage all of their assets. In turn, we will make sure that Plasma Pay has an insurance pool ready to go for our launch event.” — Mike Miglio, CEO of Bridge Mutual.

“This partnership will give both organizations the ability to expand operations into the other’s platform, a net benefit for two strong projects looking to optimize the DeFi market as a whole. More so, ease of use and access to insurance ultimately benefits users. By working together, Bridge Mutual and Plasma Finance take DeFi a step forward towards more reliable financial services on the blockchain.” — Ilia Maksimenka, CEO of PlasmaPay.

What is Plasma Finance?

About Bridge Mutual

You can find more information on Bridge Mutual at: | A decentralized, discretionary coverage platform for Smart Contracts, Stablecoins, Exchanges and More.

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