Bridge Mutual Announces Empire Global Partners as a New Investor

Today, we announce our latest investment partnership with Empire Global Partners. Empire Global Partners is a unique addition to our stellar group of investors, as it is not a traditional crypto-related venture capital. Empire Global Partners has been providing tailored consulting to companies and high net worth individuals who wish to expand their efforts globally. It has recently joined to support Bridge Mutual as an investor and as a vital partner in Bridge Mutual’s upcoming and continued global expansion.

Empire is a full-service professional consulting firm providing an array of specialized offerings to clients from all around the world. The firm is growing rapidly with a particular emphasis on financial services licensing, gaming licenses, forex licenses, and corporate consultancy. The firm has served thousands of clients from different countries in varied areas ranging from corporate disputes to tax-saving solutions. It has earned respect and admiration of its clients globally as the premier firm in handling their international business needs now and into the future.

With Bridge Mutual, Empire is seeking to venture out into a newly emerging opportunity in blockchain and decentralized finance. As an investor in Bridge Mutual, Empire Global Partners seeks to expand its reach beyond traditional industries and help Bridge expand our reach into more diverse global markets. | A decentralized, discretionary coverage platform for Smart Contracts, Stablecoins, Exchanges and More.

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