Bridge Mutual Investor Highlight: Rarestone Capital

Bridge Mutual is thrilled to announce one of the investors joining our mission to bring decentralized finance to the masses: Rarestone Capital. We strongly believe that Rarestone Capital’s support will be a vital factor in the success of Bridge Mutual and the global adoption of our decentralized blockchain safeguard products.

Rarestone Capital is a well-known name within the blockchain investment industry. Rarestone’s expertise is in Web3 projects, with an impressive investment portfolio composed of popular projects such as, Mask Network, Terra Virtua, and Kylin Network, to name a few. At Bridge Mutual, we fully embrace the support of Rarestone Capital and take comfort in the fact that we share the same vision of the future.

“Decentralized Finance is a complicated market. Bridge Mutual puts user experience first, and makes obtaining coverage simple for the average user. When you enter Bridge, you’re met with personalized coverage policies that suit you based on your history of interacting with decentralized applications. This is a much-needed step toward improving user security & safety on-chain.”- Charles Read, Founder of Rarestone Capital.

“An investor like Rarestone Capital comes with an immense network full of industry leaders who can bring vigor to any project. This is the reason I believe Bridge Mutual is geared for success; I can’t wait to achieve and exceed milestones with their support” — Mike Miglio, CEO and co-founder of Bridge Mutual.

This partnership comes at a crucial time as we prepare for our TGE that’s just around the corner. As we look ahead to the continued support from Rarestone Capital, we are excited to push Bridge Mutual forward with their resources and expertise.

About Bridge Mutual

Bridge Mutual is a decentralized, discretionary p2p/p2b risk coverage platform that provides coverage for stablecoins, centralized exchanges, and smart contracts. Its platform allows users to provide risk coverage, decide on safety payouts, as well as get compensated for taking part in the ecosystem. Having vastly oversubscribed in its private sale, Bridge Mutual’s token, $BMI, is primed to have an explosive TGE on January 30th, 2021. | A decentralized, discretionary coverage platform for Smart Contracts, Stablecoins, Exchanges and More.