Bridge Mutual Provides Additional Security for BlockBank

In the past few months, Bridge Mutual ($BMI) has partnered with many qualified projects, and is continuing this momentum through a recent partnership with BlockBank, an AI-powered, traditional mobile banking experience with seamless crypto integration. The partnership between Bridge Mutual and BlockBank was mutually agreed on to support the mission of bridging the gaps between existing DeFi opportunities and banking.

BlockBank users will be able to gain access to their credit card rewards program, use the advanced AI assistant, increase their APY %, and earn interest on their tokens by staking $BBANK in their non-custodial BlockBank cryptocurrency wallet. BlockBank’s intelligent advisor application will also perform a high security process with Biometrics encryption, such as face recognition and fingerprint.

“The cryptocurrency space offers massive opportunities but is incredibly complex and risky. Our mission at BlockBank is to help our users navigate this space, and partnering with Bridge Mutual is a step in the right direction. Bridge Mutual will provide our users with additional security to help migitage their exposure.”

Kelghe D’cruz- CEO of BlockBank

Bridge Mutual aims to advance the safeguarding of assets within the BlockBank application by integrating a DeFi risk coverage application into their system. By bringing an extra layer of security onto BlockBank’s platform, users can experience a seamless and decentralized way to protect their assets.

“BlockBank has a very unique project model. They are combining complex artificial intelligence and DeFi, and it is exciting to watch this project unfold. We are happy to connect Bridge Mutual to the BlockBank platform to provide additional security and trust.”

— Mike Miglio, CEO of Bridge Mutual

You can participate in Bridge Mutual’s growth by getting your token on Uniswap or Bitfinex , and then staking it for rewards within the Bridge Mutual’s app. For a detailed walk-through of the Bridge Mutual’s innovative system, visit our Youtube channel.

About BlockBank

BlockBank is developing an AI-powered, traditional mobile banking experience with seamless crypto integration.

BlockBank vision is to create an all-in-one crypto application that simplifies the user experience without compromising security, privacy, or decentralization. We aim to combine the best of DeFi and CeFi worlds in one place, incorporating patented AI technology to bring financial empowerment to clients.

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About Bridge Mutual

Bridge Mutual is a decentralized, p2p/p2b discretionary risk coverage platform that provides coverage for stablecoins, centralized exchanges, and smart contracts. Its platform allows users to provide coverage, decide on policy payouts, as well as share profit and get compensated for adjudicating claims.

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