Bridge Mutual Team Highlight: Mike Miglio

Bridge Mutual
2 min readJan 4, 2021


A competent and experienced team is crucial for any successful cryptocurrency project, so we’re happy to begin our ‘Team Highlight’ series. This new series will showcase the brains behind our industry revolutionizing discretionary insurance platform.

As the first piece in this series, we’d like to introduce you to Mike Miglio, the leader of Bridge Mutual. As the co-founder, CEO, and helm of the project, Mike is responsible for all the final decisions at Bridge Mutual leading to the launch of the application. Mike is well established in the cryptocurrency space and has been an avid investor in blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies since 2016.

Mike has a lot of experience working within the blockchain industry; after receiving his JD in Law from Indiana University, Mike went on to start a crypto exclusive law firm. Mike is a Managing Partner at his firm, a boutique law firm called Wolfe Miglio, which has been the counsel to some of the worlds most notable blockchain companies. As a leading crypto and securities law firm, Wolfe Miglio has provided counsel to projects such as Akropolis, QTUM,, and many more. These experiences have given Mike intimate knowledge on the legalities of the blockchain space, an area he is a foremost expert in.

On top of Mike’s vast legal and business acumen in the space, he also has a wide network of specialists, investors, influencers, and blockchain related services that he has leveraged to help benefit Bridge. Mike received his undergraduate degree from the University of Hong Kong and has also previously worked in law firms in Thailand and Singapore. Mike’s experience around the globe has benefitted him greatly in forming relationships, and allowed him to build up a strong local and international network of peers and professionals. With Mike’s combination of legal prowess, blockchain knowledge, and growing network, there is no one else we would rather have as the leader of Bridge Mutual.



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