Bridge Mutual Token Generation Event and Listing Announcement

Today, we at Bridge Mutual are excited to announce our upcoming $BMI Token Generation Event (TGE), which is the day that $BMI gets minted into existence.

Nearly one month ago, as Bridge was just coming out of stealth mode, our modest $1.6 million private sale was met with an overwhelming amount of demand (more than $9 million in allocation requests in 48 hours). We are genuinely grateful for the community that we have fostered, which has been eagerly awaiting more details regarding when and how TGE will occur.

We hope the following article answers all of your questions.

General Information

  • The $BMI TGE is scheduled for January 30, 2021. The exact time of listing will remain confidential to protect our community from scammers.
  • The token contract address will be published via official Bridge Mutual social media channels only. The links to our official social media channels are at the bottom of this article. There are multiple scams out there already, please double check who you are following.
  • We will mute the official Telegram group a few hours prior to the event so that important information does not get buried by other messages.
  • Bridge team members will never DM you first, this will remain true during the time that the Telegram channel is muted.


Bridge Mutual has decided to host the Token Generation Event on popular platforms and trusted platforms:

We believe that these platforms will provide the best experience possible for all those who are interested in participating in the TGE while maintaining the highest level of fairness and efficiency.

The Significance of the $BMI TGE

For every project, the TGE is an important milestone. But for Bridge, it also symbolizes the beginning of a revolutionary way for people all over the world to provide and purchase protection against hacks, exploits, and rug pulls. At launch, in addition to smart contracts, Bridge will be the first platform in existence to provide this protection to stablecoins ($22B+ TVL), centralized exchanges, and specific service providers.

Our token holders will not just be the owners of an asset that is revolutionary in its class, but they will also be able to control the direction of the Bridge platform through participation in Bridge’s DAO governance system after it launches later in 2021.

It’s the beginning of a new age of on-chain decentralized insurance, and it all starts with this TGE. We are excited to release more information about our partners and backers over the month of January leading into our launch.

What makes Bridge different

For those of you just finding out about Bridge, here is a quick synopsis of what makes us different from other insurance projects.

  1. Stablecoin and centralized exchange insurance is an industry-first, and is needed now more than ever:
  2. No minting, no burning, and no static equations that manipulate our price — a steady supply of 160,000,000 tokens.
  3. Migrating to Polkadot for low gas fees; voting on claims requires multiple rounds of voting, which means multiple transactions.
  4. Cross-chain insurance for assets and platforms on any network. Totally permission-less network that lets anyone add brand new assets by their contract ID within minutes (kind of like Uniswap); no more centralized gate-keeping.
  5. Innovative new use-cases for NFTs on our platform (more on this in a later announcement).
  6. World-class team, advisors, and partner projects from multiple industries (more being announced through January).
  7. More advanced than binary yes/no results on insurance claims, our platform’s voting system allows the community to determine the exact amount that a claimant should be rewarded.
  8. No centralized “Advisory Board” or “Council” layer that can overturn votes and change outcomes, as this is not truly decentralized.
  9. Very advanced reputation system that makes it lucrative to be an honest and active voter on the platform.
  10. Partnering with multiple top-tier auditing firms as an integral part of the platform’s business model — not just for clout, but because Bridge will be paying auditors to provide 3rd party independent audits to popular projects.

Moving Forward

With less than a month left until the event, we will participate in a large number of AMAs to answer any questions that you may have. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel!

We thank you for your support, and we look forward to welcoming you on this journey.

— — — — — — -

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