Dear community,

The support and momentum that Bridge Mutual has enjoyed since its Token Generation Event has left the entire team in awe.

Today marks the beginning of our monthly outcast reports, which we will endeavor to provide our community near the beginning of every month to give them an idea of what we are working on or expect to accomplish in the month. We are not able to disclose everything.

  • Development is currently on track. An LP and BMI staking program is planned to launch mid-February.
  • Discussions with CEX candidates are ongoing as we continue to evaluate what we believe is the best fit for our community.
  • A large token transaction will take place in early February from one of the Bridge Mutual wallets into the Liquidity Pool vesting contract where the tokens will be locked. These tokens will unlock in a linear vesting schedule over 12 months and injected into our coverage liquidity mining pool; this is in line with our token economics and is not a change or deviation from our planned token economics.
  • More partnerships will be announced through the month of February.
  • We have already become the most decentralized (widely held) risk coverage platform in existence in terms of number of holders. Hurray!

Thank you for reading.

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