Whitelisting for the Polkastarter IDO is Now Open

With tokens in high demand and our Uniswap listing just 15 days away, we are conducting two rounds of whitelisting to give our community one last chance to get $BMI before they hit exchanges.

On IDO day there will be two pools of $BMI available on Polkastarter: a public pool and a $POLS pool. Anyone can participate in the public pool, but only $POLS holders can participate in the $POLS pool. Addresses for both pools will be whitelisted in both round 1 and round 2 of our whitelisting event.

We want our loyal supporters to have the best chance of acquiring whitelisting, thus, in order to qualify for whitelisting, you must be following us on social media (details further below). Addresses will be chosen randomly via lottery, and the list of whitelisted addresses will be published shortly after the end of each round.

At our discretion, the rules for the second whitelisting may be different from the first.

How to Apply for Whitelist

Step 1: Follow Bridge Mutual on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bridge_mutual

Step 2: Join Bridge Mutual on Telegram: https://t.me/bridge_mutual

Step 3: Follow Polkastarter on Twitter: https://twitter.com/polkastarter

Step 4: Fill out this short form: https://forms.gle/rE5f1B59h14aHGQf8

Step 5: Retweet our pinned IDO announcement on Twitter.

All lists will be checked for duplicate entries in the form of ERC20 addresses, Telegram Handles, and Twitter Accounts. Duplicate entries won’t be counted. Any entry that hasn’t completed all of the steps above by the end of the round will be disqualified.

That’s it! Now sit back, relax, and keep your fingers crossed.

Promotion Date

The rounds will take place as follows:

Round 1: January 15th — 17th, 2021 [Closing at 9:00 PM EST]

Round 2: January 25th — 27th, 2021 [Closing at 9:00 PM EST]

About Bridge Mutual

Bridge Mutual is a decentralized, discretionary p2p/p2b insurance platform that provides coverage for stablecoins, centralized exchanges, and smart contracts. Its platform allows users to provide insurance coverage, decide on insurance payouts, as well as get compensated for taking part in the ecosystem. Having vastly oversubscribed in its private sale, Bridge Mutual’s token, $BMI, is primed to have an explosive TGE on January 30th, 2021.

You can also find more information on Bridge Mutual at:



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