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Bridge Mutual

Dear Bridge Mutual Community,

We’ve been very hard at work behind the scenes on Bridge Mutual. Our team has mandatory video conferences literally every day, and has been meeting every day since early December in order to meet our deadlines and goals.

This announcement is important, and is the first announcement that we will blast to our email list of over 80,000 emails. So we’ll make this short, sweet, and full of good news.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

The team has been speaking with several divisions of Binance, including their Binance Smart Chain division. …

Bridge community,

Bridge Mutual ($BMI) partners up with BSCstarter ($START) to lessen the risks for BSCstarter users. By integrating Bridge Mutual’s risk coverage application, BSCstarter launchpad will be able to cover IDO investors from permanent loss of funds due to hacks, rug pulls, or exploits.

The DeFi space is growing rapidly, and we need the topmost advanced tools to protect our activities. Although risks in the crypto space are inevitable, Bridge Mutual is offering protection to the community by applying a safeguarding system that will secure the activities happening within the scope.

“It is an unfortunate reality that the world…

Bridge Mutual ($BMI) partners with Equalizer Finance ($EQZ), the first dedicated platform that equalizes decentralized markets, to protect user activities on the Equalizer platform. The Bridge Mutual team works relentlessly to establish a strong risk coverage application for smart contracts, stablecoins, and exchanges. We are constantly discussing partnerships behind the scenes to establish a well- protected system for the crypto space.

Equalizer Finance is a specially designed marketplace for DeFi Flash Loans. The platform offers low fees, wide choice of token vaults, multi-chain, cross-chain capabilities, and many more. The Equalizer token denomination ($EQZ), a representation of the ERC20 token, has…

Bridge Mutual ($BMI) is providing our decentralized risk coverage application to enable protection options for Orion Protocol, a decentralized liquidity aggregator protocol. By integrating our risk coverage application into Orion Protocol’s interface, users can purchase coverage directly on Orion’s platform without ever leaving the application.

By providing our decentralized and discretionary risk coverage applications, Orion Protocol will be able to offer an extra layer of protection for all of the assets within Orion, including Orion itself. In our Bridge Mutual platform, there are two types of users: policy holders and coverage providers. Bridge Mutual enables users to purchase coverage for…

Bridge Community,

A new alliance between Bridge Mutual ($BMI) and TotemFi ($TOTM) has been formed. The Bridge Mutual team has been working hard every hour of the day to eliminate risks and ensure the best user experience for our decentralized risk coverage application. As a team, we have established a partnership rhythm with rewarding projects. With that said, TotemFi is an innovative DeFi prediction protocol that empowers individuals and groups to earn native $TOTM and BTC rewards.

TotemFi is an easily accessible prediction model that enables its users to gain potential lucrative BTC payouts through their prediction protocol. In addition…

Dear Bridge community,

Bridge Mutual ($BMI) is teaming up with Royale Finance to strengthen the security of Royale’s ecosystem. Both projects are particular about protecting its users; we believe the integration of Bridge Mutual’s risk coverage platform will be a valuable component to creating a safe gaming environment for Royale users. Royale will also be integrating the Bridge Mutual coverage widget onto their platform so that their users can easily cover their activities on Royale without ever having to leave the Royale app.

“While the blockchain is a fairly safe system, it is not completely impervious. Since its inception, there…

Dear Bridge Community,

The Bridge Mutual team is listing on Bitfinex. We are looking forward to this listing considering Bitfinex’s incredible track record as being one of the world’s largest and most reputable exchanges.

The Listing Schedule

Bridge ($BMI) (erc20):

  • March 31st: $BMI can be deposited and held on Bitfinex.
  • April 2nd: BMI/USD & BMI/USDT trading pairs open.

Although rankings vary by day, Bitfinex is regularly ranked among the top 5 and top 10 exchanges by most reputable sources. …

Bridge Mutual Beta v1.0 Launch Announcement- March 31st, 2021

The Bridge Mutual team is excited to announce our initial Liquidity Mining (LP tokens) and Staking program. As with most staking programs, earlier stakers tend to benefit more.

As discussed in our weekly updates, the Bridge Mutual platform will launch in tranches. March 31st will be our first tranche featuring staking. April 14th is currently targeted for the day we will launch beta v2.0 as well as our bug bounty.

The rewards for staking are as follows:

  • BMI Staking: 200,000 BMI monthly (we expect there around 60% APY if 4M BMI…

Bridge Mutual ($BMI) is providing our decentralized risk coverage application to enable protection for Linear Finance users. As part of the partnership, Bridge Mutual will create coverage pools, and users will be able to purchase coverage policies directly within the Linear Finance app.

Risks could be unpredictable in the DeFi space, therefore, Bridge Mutual is more than willing to provide our risk coverage application to help eliminate as many hacks and exploits as possible. …

Bridge Mutual ($BMI) has created a partnership with DAFI to explore the utilization of synthetic dBMI tokens, which will be pegged to the underlying native token. These synthetics can be used to create rewards which are tied to the level of demand on the market.

The synthetic version of dBMI can be implemented to avoid the risk of over-issuing too many native tokens in reward schemes. It can create stable adoption of the BMI token without the risk of hyperinflation. …

Bridge Mutual | A decentralized, discretionary coverage platform for Smart Contracts, Stablecoins, Exchanges and More.

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