Bridge Mutual H1 2022 Report

  • We released our second-quarter roadmap, which included new features such as going cross chain.
  • Coinbase Wallet Integration was a success.
  • Cross Chain Development for Binance Smart Chain and Polygon chain were completed efficiently.
  • New coverage pools are available for BSC and Ethereum projects.
  • We’re offering a bridge for our BMI token. You can now send your BMI tokens via an internal bridge to any other network we are on and use our platform.
  • Bridge Mutual has reduced its premium pricing for cheaper policy costs.
  • Allowance improvements reduce gas fees and the need to repeat transactions.
  • We have redesigned our voting process to make it as efficient as possible based on input from the community.
  • Improved withdrawal logic, lowering withdrawal request times.
  • The voting process below is built on vBMI removal. Voters won’t receive vBMI for staking (locking) stkBMI.
  • ‘View Verdict’ transaction has to calculate voting results (moreover for each Voter separately) and send rewards to the Voter/Claimant who has triggered it. The system will need to save this information about voting results until the Voter will update the Reputation.
  • ‘View Verdict’ transaction also sends the request to Liquidity Cushion for rebalancing. Rebalancing happens every X hours (3 days). After this period + 1-day Claimant has 8 days to Receive payment. If Claimant misses the timeslot and Policy has not expired yet, the Claimant can request payment manually.
  • Claimant or any voter has 10 days to ‘View Verdict’, otherwise the Claim will be Expired, Voters won’t receive rewards and Claimant will be able to unlock BMI. To reveal whether Claim is Expired or not, the View results transition has to be contacted anyway.
  • If there are several Resolved Claims, the Voter will receive a voting outcome for all of them in one transaction.
  • Voters can unstake stkBMI only when there are no voted Claims.
  • Voters can vote on other Claims only when they updated their reputation and received outcomes for all Resolved Claims. However, users can vote with pending STBL withdrawal.
  • New Claims Bunch triggered when Voting Power has changed (Voter staking an additional amount of stkBMI or Reputation has changed) or currently, there are no voted Claims (Active/Pending/Resolved).
  • Penalties are calculated based on stkBMI locked for a particular Claim, not on Voting Power.


-- | A decentralized, discretionary coverage platform for Smart Contracts, Stablecoins, Exchanges and More.

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Bridge Mutual | A decentralized, discretionary coverage platform for Smart Contracts, Stablecoins, Exchanges and More.