Bridge Mutual Offers Security for ChainX

Bridge Mutual
2 min readMar 14, 2021

Bridge Mutual ($BMI) links up with the earliest launched project in Polkadot’s ecosystem, ChainX, to strengthen the security for BTC hosting and X-BTC smart contract expansion. ChainX will integrate our BMI security system into their application in exchange for offering our coverage pools and products to their userbase directly from their platform.

As ChainX advances their asset management structure, Bridge Mutual would also like to lead with the development of our decentralized risk coverage application. To remind our prospects about the advantages of our governance apparatus, Bridge is a truly decentralized, user-governed ecosystem. BMI tokens can be used to vote and improve Bridge so that it can remain secure, competitive, and transparent.

“We are delighted to announce a partnership between ChainX and Bridge Mutual. ChainX as Polkadot’s first project and Bitcoin layer-2 network, will now be covered by Bridge Mutual, providing added security for BTC hosting and X-BTC smart contract expansion.”

— Guanghua Guo, CEO of ChainX

ChainX is highly committed to promoting Bitcoin’s value flow, enriching financial derivative opportunities, and improving hedging tools which will lead the new direction of Bitcoin Cross-DeFi. Bridge Mutual admires ChainX’s caliber, and we are delighted to collaborate towards the expansion of Bitcoin’s Layer 2 financial platform.

“ChainX is a seasoned project that has delivered a lot to its community. The work their team is doing for the Polkadot ecosystem is cutting edge. While we help to de-risk their layer 2 network, they will also be making our coverage pools and products available to their user base directly from their platform.”

— Mike Miglio, CEO of Bridge Mutual

About ChainX

ChainX, the earliest launched project in Polkadot’s ecosystem, is committed to the research and application of Bitcoin layer 2 expansion, digital asset gateway and Polkadot second-layer relay chain, to realize cross-chain asset exchange, leading the new direction of Bitcoin Cross-DeFi.

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About Bridge Mutual

Bridge Mutual is a decentralized, p2p/p2b discretionary risk coverage platform that provides coverage for stablecoins, centralized exchanges, and smart contracts. Its platform allows users to provide coverage, decide on policy payouts, as well as share profit and get compensated for adjudicating claims.

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