Bridge Mutual Version 2 Beta Deploys on Ethereum Mainnet and Invites Users for Beta Testing!

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4 min readDec 7, 2021

Bridge Mutual Community,

The Great Reinforcement is upon us!

We are very happy to announce that Bridge Mutual Version 2: The Great Reinforcement beta has been successfully deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. We're officially beginning beta testing of the application in the production environment. We invite all interested, DEFI-fluent users to apply and become beta testers — the Bridge Mutual team will handsomely reward all contributors with BMI tokens.

Apply to become a BMI beta-tester here.


  1. Bridge Mutual Version 2: The Great Reinforcement is a massive upgrade of the Bridge Mutual Platform, introducing several sophisticated insurance features and greatly improving the capital efficiency of the protocol. Learn about all V2 Features here.
  2. V2 introduces Capital Pool, an investment arm of Bridge Mutual that will invest idle liquidity into 3rd party yield Defi projects and generate revenue for Bridge Mutual vault and (indirectly) BMI token holders.
  3. Version 2 also introduces leveraged portfolios, which allow users to underwrite insurance for many projects simultaneously and with various risk parameters. Leveraged Portfolios will offer relatively consistently high APYs for liquidity providers who are willing to accept the underlying risk while at the same time decreasing the price of the policies for new users.
  4. Beta tests in the production environment and gathering feedback from the testers is the last stage of perfecting the product, necessary to ensure the business objectives will be achieved. The duration of the tests will depend on the feedback received — the team is dedicated to releasing a publicly available version of V2 as soon as possible.

Bridge Community,

The deployment of Bridge Mutual Version 2: The Great Reinforcement to the Ethereum mainnet marks an important milestone in BMI's history and concludes a 7-month effort of designs, standups, discussions, video calls, sometimes uneasy decisions, and moments of celebrations.

We called this upgrade "The Great Reinforcement" for three reasons:

First, to reinforce the Bridge Mutual platform and its community with better tools and resources to protect themselves against losses and threats in the cryptosphere. Making no-KYC crypto-insurance cheaper, better, and more accessible (few clicks).

Second, to create a safe, transparent, and incentivized environment for coverage providers (investors) to use their crypto for underwriting insurance policies in exchange for a yield. The Insurance industry and blockchain fit perfectly together, and it's about time that users get unrestricted access to that potential. V2 introduces sophisticated, permissionless, and transparent insurance-like pools that will generate yield in exchange for bearing an insurance risk. Community is now reinforced to use products that were never as accessible as now.

And finally the third, for which we are most excited about. All the V2 features are interconnected and reinforce one another. Coverage pools fuel the availability of insurance policies. Leveraged portfolios use coverage pools to attract even more liquidity (of different risk parameters) and drive down the price of policies across the platform, which translates to increased policy sales. Increased policy sales transfer to higher coverage pools APYs, and the cycle continues to rise, all in the purpose of providing value to the end-user.

All the idle coverage liquidity is being used by the Capital Pool, an investment arm of the Bridge Mutual Protocol, to deploy funds into third-party yield generation projects. The yield generated comes to Bridge Mutual vault (owned by the BMI holders), and can be used to either further decrease the prices of the policies, initiate BMI token buybacks (buying pressure), or other initiatives. The protocol has its funds and can work with it. Revenues from Capital Pool join the already existing revenues from policy sales (20% of the premiums go to the Bridge Mutual vault). The protocol is designed and intended to be a sustainable machine, regardless of the market cycle.

All this is decentralized and privacy-oriented by design. Bridge Mutual is the tool built by the community for the community.

(You can read more about all the features that are coming in V2 in this article.)

The team is very excited about deploying to the Ethereum mainnet but is determined to make sure all corners are covered — that's why the platform is released in the closed beta phase, only available to selected users. It's impossible to predict certain events in the QA environment, and only real-life stress tests on mainnet can reveal some final improvements. The team will be testing the protocol relentlessly on its own but invites all interested parties to join it. This protocol has always been a pro-community tool and gathering users' opinions matters to us the most. If you're interested in becoming a beta tester and want to be forever part of the Bridge Mutual hall of fame, please fill out this form. We'll contact you and offer a reward with BMI tokens for any contributions. Good work deserves compensation.

As final improvements are made, the team will gradually open up Version 2 to the public while ramping up marketing and PR activities. This is to ensure that once the platform is open, the protocol can serve all sorts of demand — the demand for policies and the demand for great APYs.

As always, we'd like to thank our partners, affiliated protocols, all the team members, and — of course — our priceless Bridge Mutual community, which is the reason for which we are building this tool. Nothing boosts the morale of the team than the kind words of the users. Once again, thank you.

Back to work.

Bridge Mutual Team

About Bridge Mutual

Bridge Mutual is a decentralized, p2p/p2b discretionary risk coverage platform covering stablecoins, centralized exchanges, and smart contracts. Its platform allows users to provide coverage, decide on policy payouts, as well as share profit, and get compensated for adjudicating claims.

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